First Love

by Charles Mee | Scenic Design by Edward Pierce  | Costume  Design by Theresa Squire |Lighting Design by Paul Miller | Directed by Kim Wield | with Michael O'Keefe, Angelina Fiordellisi, and Taylor Harvey.

The Cherry Lane Theatre
New York, NY

Weild, who marks her sixth Mee play with First Love, is completely in tune with Mee's collage-like style, and has guided her designers the same way. Edward Pierce's pastoral set of blue clouds and extra bright green grass, combined with Theresa Squire's boho chic costumes, and Paul Miller's lighting, resemble the surrealist paintings of René Magritte.

- Theatre Mania

To complement the surrealistic qualities embedded in this play, Edward Pierce has designed a fanciful set, assisted by Paul Miller's poetic lighting. Without using special effects, the creatives conjure up a world where anything is possible and the rules of reality can be bent.

- Curtain Up