Morning After Grace

by Carey Crim | Scenery by Robert Mark Morgan | Costumes by David M. Covach | Sound by Mathew Parker | Lighting by Paul Miller | Directed by Peter Amster | Asolo Repertory Theatre, Sarasota FL

The direction by Mr. Amster is probably the backbone of this wonderful production. Up to now I have only seen Mr. Amster direct comedies, and he always does so with a keen eye for the genre. Here he shows emotional depth I have never seen before. He makes a potentially intimate play big enough to fill a 500-seat theater by having his actors play the emotions big. Played in a 200 seat theater, Morning after Grace could become a quite different play. Whenever there is a stage full of fine performances, there is fine directing.

All of the technical wizardry available in an Asolo Rep production is on view. Robert Mark Morgan provides the vivid scenic design of a meticulously detailed living room and kitchen, depicting upscale Florida retirement living. Costume design by David Covach is perfect for these characters and this time and place. Lighting design by Paul Miller and sound design by Matthew Parker are up to Asolo’s exalted standards.
— WIlliam S. Oser for Talkin' Broadway