Pride & Prejudice

Adapted by Joseph Hanreddy & J.R. Sullivan | Based on the novel by Jane Austen | Scenic Design by Linda Buchanan  | Costume  Design by Martha Hally  | Lighting Design by Paul Miller | Directed by Joseph Hanreddy

Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Boise, Idaho

Great Lakes Theatre
Cleveland, Ohio

Designers Linda Buchanan (scenic) and Paul Miller (lighting) have created one stationary set for all the play’s action, from which Laura Welsh Berg, as Lizzy, rarely leaves and never for long.

The set consists of a gorgeous half-circle of floor-to-ceiling wood panels divided by pillars across the rear of the thrust stage. Only a few period chairs and tables are brought in and out by servants to represent halls in luxurious estates while simple costume changes – many a matter of removing a frock designed by Martha Hally or putting on a shawl – occur onstage. Scenes change as effortlessly as the turning of pages.
— The News-Herald
One major factor that makes this play a true success is that director Hanreddy and choreographer Jaclyn Miller arranged entrances and exits to create sequences that flowed seamlessly from one event to the other. For example, in one scene they are talking about the dance and then they move, the light shifts, and they are at the dance. These fluid changes keep the more-than-two-hour show exciting, the audience involved.

Contributing to this effect are sets and scenes by Linda Buchanan, costumes by Martha Hally that incorporate a few simple changes to give a whole new look, lighting by Paul Miller and sound by Barry G. Funderburg. All sketch out the era, allowing our imaginations to fill in the rest
— Cool Cleveland
The adaptation of novel-to-play is finely done. The directing is inspired. The acting is finely tuned. The technical aspects are outstanding. This is a must-see production which shines a spotlight on Great Lakes Theater at its finest.
— Broadway World