The Great Society

Written by Robert Schenkkan | Scenery by Steven C. Kemp (based on the original by Christopher Acebo | Costumes by Sarah Smith | Projections by Shawn Sagady | Orignal Music and sound by Paul James Prendergast | Lighting by Paul Miller (based on the original by David Weiner) | Directed by Nicole A. Watson | Asolo Repertory Theatre, Sarasota FL


Sarah Smith's costumes create a sense of the period, while Paul Miller's lighting (based on the original by David Weiner) adds dramatic impact in many scenes, as do the projections by Shawn Sagady and the sound design and original music by Paul James Prendergast.

     -Sarasota Herald Tribune


Lighting design by Paul Miller is excellent and based on the original design by David Weiner. Projections by Shawn Sagady help the audience with time and place, and they enhance the power of the drama enfolding before our eyes.  -Talkin' Broadway